Mark Auyoung

Mark Auyoung

Traditional Marketing is Dead

What would you do with $8,000 a month? How about $32,000 a month?

This is how much it costs to run billboard ads and radio ads respectively.

These are all very expensive and wide-reaching channels that many businesses rely on to generate awareness and leads for them.

But who is seeing those ads? Do you have any control over who sees it? Can you directly attribute that the person on the 405S at 6am was the same person who left you a 5-star review?

It is almost impossible to undoubtedly say so.

Thankfully we now live in the golden age of Digital Marketing. The amount of value that different avenues of Digital marketing provides users is incredible compared to how much control was possible just a few decades ago.

Many marketers still swear by the traditional channels but today I am going to show you how you can accomplish everything you do on Traditional marketing channels using Digital Marketing channels.

But first off, what made traditional marketing so attractive?

  • Local targeting
  • Expansive reach
  • Familiarity with traditional platforms

1. Local Targeting

Firstly being able to target a specific location is a huge benefit to businesses who operate only within a certain radius. This could be a local plumber or a restaurant that only offers their services within a certain area.

This, however is has become an integrated part of Digital Marketing strategies.

Many social media advertising platforms and search engine marketing platforms allow for an incredible amount of location targeting. Google AdWords allow for country, state, city, and even zip code targeting. This level of granularity and variance in scale makes it possible to create highly customized and structured campaigns. Many AdWords power users even use these targeting tools to discover which locations perform better.

Another upside to being able to vary the scale of your location targeting is that digital marketing platforms allow you to target users who show interest in services/products while being outside of your targeted area.

An example of this is people who are looking for the best museums to visit in Los Angeles from Paris. Digital marketing platforms allows you to advertise to these users who are interested but are not physically in your local area.

2. Large Reach

How many radio ads, TV ads and billboard do we drive past a day?

How many of us actually have stopped to visit/check out these brands?

A major benefit of traditional marketing channels is its ability to reach incredible amounts of people through one channel, however if we actually do the numbers, Digital marketing awareness campaigns have a significantly larger reach and cost much less.

A click for a display banner campaign is on average $0.58.

This means that someone who has seen your ad and has shown intent only cost you $0.58. Digital awareness campaigns also typically allow you to pay by the click or by thousands of impressions (the number of times your ad was served).

These campaigns exist across social media platforms, search engines, and even video streaming platforms. The reach of Digital Marketing platforms is so vast that it is almost too broad of an audience to be marketing too. With over 2.37 Billion active users on Facebook and over 1.2 trillion searches on Google a day, reach is no longer a problem.  

3. Channel Familiarity

Many argue that consumers are more familiar and comfortable with TV, radio, and billboard ads. However recent studies show that Netflix has both surpassed cable & TV viewership. Traditional radio listenership has fallen flat over that past decade. Adoption of technology by older generations has slowly increased over the past few years. With the rise of user bases and people connected by the internet greatly outweighs the amount of people actively tuned into traditional marketing channels.

The largest appeal here may be if you’re targeting an older audience, even so, the additional cost and the amount of control sacrificed from targeting would not be worth it.

Futureproof your marketing strategy. Facebook users, YouTube viewership, and the amount of people connected by smart phones is on the rise and won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

Although traditional marketing channels still occupy a large portion of large corporations’ budgets, the future of marketing is digital. All of the benefits that made traditional marketing channels so popular are now also available in digital marketing platforms; many of which offer even more advanced versions of targeting. That isn’t to say these traditional marketing platforms are obsolete at generating leads, they just aren’t the most cost-effective way of reaching potential customers anymore.

If you have not already invested in creating a digital presence, now is the best time to get started.

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